Programmer. Come Work For Us.

Programmer. Come work for us.


Because we are the largest social network for alien life-forms vacationing on Earth.

Yes, it's on your website.

Every line of code you write will affect billions of beings.

How will I know?

It's on our website. Read the copy.

But how will I know that every line of code is actually affecting billions of beings?

Because you will have a dashboard.


At times, new code that you write will correlate with a statistically significant change in one of the numbers on that dashboard. You will then know that you have affected billions of beings.

I was actually thinking of starting my own business.

Why? It will be tiny. We are vast.

Yes. But when I affect someone's life, I'll get a email, maybe a call about it, and I'll have a real conversation with someone. I'll know who they are and how I affected them.

How quaint.

I'll be forced to learn things outside of programming. Things like how to design, how to market and how to do customer service.

But you, are a programmer.

I'm also a person. Programming is just one thing I do.


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