Breaking Up With Code

Hey .. you've been pretty silent lately. Is everything okay?

Yeah, I'm sorry. I've just been really busy. With my new role, and stuff, y'know?

I suppose. It's just, we used to talk a lot more. Did I do something to upset you?

No, no! Totally not. I'm just like, trying new things, trying to think bigger picture and whatnot.

Oh. Bigger picture? Are our conversations not big picture?

Well yeah, of course. I love our conversations, you know that. They are big picture, within implementation.

I see. So .. big picture within the tiny box that is implementation. Has it ever occurred to you that basically everything is implementation?

Um. Strategizing. Designing. Selling. Building relationships. These things aren't implementation.

Those things are implementation. You're just implementing with a different toolset or language.

Well, in any case .. I feel like when we spend all of our time talking I begin to think in a very monochromatic way. It's limiting.

Okay well how about this. Your technical side is atrophying. All that EQ you're building seems to be coming at a cost.

Perhaps. But it's worth it. My new role is forcing me to be a better communicator. And to be more empathetic. Do you realize how healthy this has been for me socially? How nourishing?

I'll miss you.

You too.