Automation as a Service.

We live in a world where people spend big chunks of their life doing things that could be automated. It's a fairly acute misallocation of resources, because human brains are the most spectacular processors on the planet.

Yes, Artifical Intelligence is an exciting field. But we're not going to create an artificial intelligence to rival the human brain any time soon.

So many human brains are simply wasted, grinding away at tasks a lesser processor could accomplish in a fraction of the time, for a fraction of the cost. So many human brains spend day after day slowly atrophying, saddled by boredom. It's a hangover from days before the current state of Information Technology.

If you build software that puts a someone out on the street, you're not evil. You're creating a financial incentive for that someone to use their beautiful and powerful brain to a fuller capacity. You're giving that someone a better chance of enriching their lives, and those of others. If you don't do it, someone without qualms will do it anyway.

Build Automation as a Service, for good and for profit.