Myles Recnymkrecny@gmail.com646-409-9013@recborgHell's Kitchen, NYC
I'm a software engineer and entrepreneur currently working on my third software company. Recently I worked at Palantir for four years. My core competencies are engineering, design, BD and hiring. I've worked across consumer and the enterprise, in both the private and public sectors. I live in NYC, hold US & UK passports, and speak English and conversational Mandarin.
Duke University2006 - 2010
Philosophy, Computer Science, Mandarin
I was born in the UK, grew up in Australia and attended Duke University in the USA. I studied Philosophy, Computer Science, and Mandarin. During my college summers I lived and worked in Shanghai and am now lucky to speak conversational Mandarin. I launched an early version of Tinder in college, and wrote a thesis about emergent behavior in computational systems.
Software Engineer
After graduating I moved to Sacramento to work for an early social-gaming company called Klicknation where I built an RPG called Superhero City. This was my first time writing production code in a team setting and Klicknation was later acquired by EA.
Software Engineer
I've spent most of my post-college life living in NYC, and that started with TechStars. I applied as a solo-founder in late 2010 with an analytics product. I was rejected in the final round, but I was offered a job as an engineer-in-residence, building across teams. I went on to work full-time with one of the TechStars teams, as employee number two.
NYU Gallatin2012
Complex Systems
Still ruminating on emergent behavior, I decided to embark on a Masters degree of my own design at NYU Gallatin to explore the question what type of a computational system is the universe?. Within a semester, one of the homework projects led me to create Followgen, a bootstrapped software company, which completely changed my perspective on work. I dropped out of Gallatin to run this company.
Followgen, a bootstrapped ad-network, enabled me to travel and work remotely for two years. Despite being successful, Followgen ultimately had to be shut down, because of an untenable dependency on the Twitter API. Whilst I was running Followgen, I created a small 'incubator for individuals' called Microhaus, which helped birth two venture backed startup, including Blockstack.
Even2014 - present
CTO, stakeholder
Back in NYC, in 2014, Quinten Farmer and I started a cryptocurrency company (Yett) that pivoted and became Even. Even improves financial well-being for America's underserved workers in the shift economy. Although I left Even early-on due to a personal tragedy, I'm incredibly proud of the mission and team, who, at time of writing just raised a Series B.
Palantir2015 - 2019
Product, Strategy and Hiring
In early 2015 I joined Palantir, where I worked for the next four years. I led deployments in Energy and Aerospace, ran hiring for the 'Deployment Strategist' role, built products, and worked in pre-sales for the Fortune 500, and big US government contracts.
After Palantir I founded Convv, a SaaS company at the intersection of the passion economy and remote work. Raised a pre-seed round from Village Global, and achieved product-market-fit.